Your new go-to: Superfood Grain Bowl

It’s wednesday- your old friend from college rings you and informs you that her husband and her are visiting from out of town… tonight. “Can they we join you for supper”, they politely inquire.

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Oooof course!” that midwestern-southern belle- housewife fasade suddenly takes over your burnt-out-need-to-do-laundry- and -clean- the- kitchen self. After all, it’s been ages.

Everyone has a “go to” recipe in these slightly desperate occurrences . The recipe that requires very little prep and minimal time perusing the aisles of your local market. You’ve got the staples on hand, grab a few fresh veggies, and “Voila!” your masterpiece is complete- never failing you.

My “go to” is the Superfood grain Bowl- it’s simple to make and has been tested and proved by many a mouth.

One of the main ingredients-grains- were called the “culinary darling” and “historically significant for 1000’s of years” by Holley Grainger, MS RD in her presentation on Today’s Dietician. For fair reason – 1 cup of barley, farro or quinoa ranges from 193- 220 kilocalories and packs about 4-8 grams of protein. The grains are satiating, tasty and simple to incorporate into recipes.

The USDA 2015 Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to focus on eating a more plant-based diet. Grains are highlighted as a key recommendation on the guidelines- at least half of them coming from whole grain sources.

The recipe below has been tried with a variety of different grains- generally because it was the grain I had on hand. My favorite being Farro with it’s chewy texture and developed flavor, quinoa being the speediest to prepare.

I challenge you to give this recipe a go on your next dinner date, girls night or bible study- you’ll be the hit of the party- or the bowl will be that is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.27.23 PMDirections:

1.) Bring 2 cups of water or vegetable broth to a boil, add in grains once boiling and cook according to directions on the packaging

2.) Fluff grains once completely cooked and fairly cool, add them to a mixing bowl.

3.) Add 1 tbsp olive poil to sauce pan, bring to a simmer and add in minced garlic. Allow garlic to slightly brown and add remaining oil and sauteed garlic to the cooked quinoa.

3.) To the mixing bowl- add in spinach, sliced cherry tomatoes, a splash of your favorite vinagerette and sliced avocado.

4.) Season with salt and pepper- Bona Petit!



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