Juice it

“Cold pressed”, “fresh pressed”, “slow pressed”- we’ve heard the likes of the many ways fresh juices can be extracted from fruits and vegetables. We’ve also been inundated with the countless ways fresh juices can be capsulated, blended, baked and dehydrated for our consumption- all a “beet around the bush” ( excuse the pun) way of consuming healthful and nutrient dense foods in our diets.IMG_20160217_125537

The Registered dietitian and professor of my Registered dietary technician program has been asked just about every question in the book by her curious and  passionate nutrition pupils and I distinctly remember the day one student queried about the latest and greatest juicing trends. She politely and in a very politically correct and non offensive way told the student that juicing is rubbish. Americans are already consuming too many sugar sweetened beverages in their diets and consuming not nearly enough fiber.

The USDA recommends consuming somewhere between 20 and 38 grams- depending on age and gender. The typical American diet contains about half that amount at 14 grams. A diet lacking in the bulk forming-satiating-blood-sugar stabilizing stuff can increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and an overall unhealthy body. Grandma wasn’t crazy when she offered those prunes with breakfast- she was looking out for your long term health!

So where can we get this magical ruffage from? The same place you’re getting all these overpriced cleansing juices from- fresh fruits and vegetables in their whole form- sans pulverization.

Now that I’ve given you the low down on how juicing isn’t the most superior way of getting your fruits and veggies- let’s chat about why I do love juicing in moderation- like all guilty pleasures in life.

Juicing has led to an increased awareness about the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables- phytochemicals, tannins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These beauties are loaded with benefits and the more we consume the less free radicals and hefty waistlines we’ll have!

My latest juicing kick started when a close girlfriend came and visited from Illinois. She was keen to just hang out – no big agenda needed, just lots of time to chat and catch up. Her one simple request was that we visit a place called Pressed Juicery that she’d been excitedly following from afar on Instagram in months prior. I was more than willing for a visit after seeing their tasty creations online.

This hip spot is different from your typical juice bar in that they’ve created tantalizing frozen creations out of cold pressed fruits, nuts and vegetables. The texture is somewhere between frozen yogurt and sorbet and the flavors are fresh, vibrant and surprisingly creamy, while being completley vegan.IMG_20160217_130250

The business came about with the innovative skill sets and passions of three close friends with a goal of bringing fresh juices at a reasonable price to everyone that had a craving for it. They’ve gone above and beyond- now owning over 83 store fronts throughout the country, along with fresh juice cleanse delivery to your home or work. They’ve become the fastest growing juice bar chain in the country!

When my friend and I first ventured there a month or so ago I was astounded by the complexity of the flavors – a green blend, beet flavor, creamy vanilla and even a rich chocolate! My favorite was the vanilla- made with dates, smoky vanilla and creamy almonds. The beet flavor was divine as well with a hint of refreshing ginger. Not only were the frozen juices great though- the toppings were phenomenal as well-dark chocolate goji berries, fresh fruit and nuts and of course their coconut oil and chocolate sauce topping, it freezes on the dessert just like that concerning frozen chocolate topping from when we were kids!

All that to say- juicing can be a great choice in moderation and if looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream or frozen yogurt- I’d say try out Pressed Juicery, you’ll love it!



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