Scones of a Greek Isle

I like tea parties- dressing up, fluffy frocks, feather boas, the most delicate porcelain teacups and dainty flatware. This was the imagery that flooded my mind when I was assigned a Mediterranean scone recipe in culinary lab last week. I imagined the decadent Devonshire cream that you simply want to ladle into your mouth whilst the rest of the tea party isn’t IMG_20160321_075633looking- you retain your composure- thank God.

IMG_20160321_075852Well, my day dreams were off- this recipe included rich, tangy feta and bitter, bold Kalamata olives. My hopes of sweet were out and sultry was in.I was Transported back a couple years to a summeIMG_20160321_075738r trip on the Greek island of Mykonos-flavors of goat cheese and fresh dill while sitting
at an ocean front cafe, a few glasses of bubbly in with the hot sun taking away every worry that may have tainted the relaxing afternoon. These scones don’t mess around. The flavors consume your pallet with flavors of salty feta cheese, creamy Greek yogurt and bursts of earthy olives. I was incredibly pleased with how flavorful these dense golden gems came out.


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If designing a menu they’d compliment a lighter Greek salad- maybe consisting of fresh flavors of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans and simple vinaigrette.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.34.24 AM.png

Recipe Reference: On Baking 3/e | Chapter 6 (pp 149)


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