On a Quest for low calorie pasta

Screenshot_2016-06-11-08-49-51There’s really nothing like an oversized plate of pasta- drenched in thick basil-laden sauce- along side a crusty baguette and rich rose hued glass of red wine. The carbohydrates cause serotonin to flood receptors in your brain sending you into an almost euphoric experience. All from a simple plate of refined carbohydrates and some mushed up tomatoes- the body has a fascinating design.

So what is a girl to do if she craves the oversized plate of swirling happiness but is at arms with how to go about it without packing in the refined carbohydrate calories? The answer is here- Quest Pasta.

A company of innovation and thinking outside-the-box mentality they’ve mastered the art of “cheating clean”. The company’s mission -” to end the global slide toward ill health”- they strive to make eating healthy an enjoyable experience while making loveable comfort food even more comfortable.

The Quest Pasta is a skimpy 20 calories per cup with 0 active carbohydrates. You might be questioning whether this is even possible- the noodles are made up of pure fiber- an IMG_20160611_084922indigestible nutrient that breaks down into cellulose (plant cell wall) in the digestive tract and is excreted with the other dietary fiber in your diet.

I  wouldn’t say these are by any means an exact replica of a the noodles you might have enjoyed on your last visit to Florence in the tiny candle lit restaurant where you sat peacefully daydreaming about your time in the beautiful city. They’re definitely a spin-off from the nutty flavor of real flour noodles- the flavor nonexistent and the texture chewier than real pasta- but they are satisfying if you’re avoiding carbohydrates and looking for a replacement for a craving!

The noodles are packaged in a brine fluid- an alkaline liquid with an ocean-y scent that sticks around until you’ve rinsed it away. A rich sauce paired with other textures from lots of vegetables brings the dish to life.

IMG_20160611_084649I’ve been eating them a lot lately- an easy dinner with minimal preparation after a long day at work. They’re simple in that they’re already hydrated so boiling isn’t necessary and they simply need to be well rinsed and paired with the other ingredients.

The last time I prepared them I used a spicy arbiatta red sauce, charred cauliflower and organic kale from my garden. The noodles take on what ever you pair them with so the more flavors the better. An asian style dish with sesame oil, vegetables and cashews would be a beautiful pairing as well!

Some tips in preparing these bad boys will be to open the package over the sink to avoid spilling any of the alkaline liquid, rinsing the noodles in a colander for a minute under running water and then letting the noodles soak if fresh water for 5-10 minutes before rinsing them once more. While the noodles soak you can prepare your sauce and vegetables. Throw the noodles in the pan with all the other ingredients once their ocean-scent free and stir over medium heat to warm.


Let me know what sorts of fun creations you come up with using Quest Pasta! The variety of recipes you can use them for is endless- enjoy!




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