Happy you’re here.

img_3102A passion for food since the day I was born, like most of us- or anyone visiting this page anyways. Baking and pastry- it started there. Piping bags and buttercream, my tools of choice in my culinary creations. I initially had a dream of owning a bakery- beautiful creations poured over each day, early mornings, smiling faces and events made perfect with the touch of a intricately frosted cake. That might still be my dream, but its grown too.

I’m Ariel, NDTR, DSS-  a Registered Dietetic Techician Nutritionist in California as well as a Dietary Service Supervisor.

img_0028 It’s been a growing interest for me- people, their health, the food that feeds them and the ways we can prevent disease by making different lifestyle choices.

I hope to encourage, build up, affirm and help you do just that. Feed your body, your soul and your mind- feeling empowered and opening doors for you to help others do the same.

You’ll find all- things- Ariel- is- excited about on these pages; recipes, supplements, workouts and travel- that’s a great way to feed your body and soul, right? Enjoy- please don’t hesitate to network and reach out to me. I enjoy answering your questions and appreciate you stopping by and sharing what you’d like to see more of on Lovelieats.

Let’s eat.


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